The European AI Forum is an initiative launched in June 2020 on the final day of the Croatian Presidency over the Council of the European Union.


Initially planned as a conference that takes place towards the completion of each Council Presidency, the European AI Forum has turned into a network of associations that want to make sure startups and innovators in Member States have a voice when it comes to building an AI regulatory framework. 


Founded by  CroAI, Hub France IA and KI Bundesverband, our Community has grown to include AI Austria, AI Cluster Bulgaria, AI Slovenia, AI Sweden and NL AI Coalitie.


Our mission is to set the agenda on how AI is approached in Europe, both in terms of policy and entrepreneurship.


Our goal is to serve as a platform where entrepreneurs and policymakers get together to jointly determine the path forward for European AI innovation. 

Steering Commitee

Daniel Abbou

Managing Director

KI Bundesverband

Julien Audouze
Head of Partnerships
Hub France IA

Jörg Bienert


KI Bundesverband

Vanessa Cann

Managing Director

KI Bundesverband

Milly Doolan

Head of Public Policy


Mats Hanson

Senior Advisor

AI Sweden

Gaëlle Pinson

Managing Director

Hub France IA

Marloes Pomp

International Strategy

NL AI Coalitie

Jan Stedul CroAI

Kaloyan Ratchev


AI Bulgaria

Jan Stedul CroAI

Jan Stedul

Secretary General


Mitja Trampuz



Clemens Wasner


AI Austria

About us

AI4SI is a non-profit think tank and platform that aims to promote, coordinate and organize efficient knowledge transfer from AI research to implementation in companies and organizations.

Through targeted networking, coordination and promotion of players from science, business, education and society AI Austria's objective is to contribute to the targeted and sustainable use of AI in Austria.

AI Sweden is the Swedish National Center for applied Artificial Intelligence, supported by the Swedish government and the public and private sectors across the country. The mission is to increase the use of AI for the benefit of our society, Swedish competitiveness, and for everyone living in Sweden.

AI Cluster Bulgaria is a non-profit organization that is bringing the knowledge for ML, NLP, IoT, AR, VR, Computer Vision & Pattern Recognition, Big Data & Analytics, 3D Printing, Cloud Computing and Networking & Interconnectivity - Smart Cities.

CroAI, the Croatian Artificial Intelligence Association, was founded in 2019 and brings together leading companies and startups in the field of AI in Croatia. CroAI seeks to position Croatia as a country of unique opportunities for the development of human-centric AI through a culture of dialogue between entrepreneurs and decision makers at the national and European level.

Hub France IA's mission is to promote the rapid growth of the French and European AI ecosystem to foster the emergence of new players, strengthen the competitiveness and sustainability of French companies in order to stimulate the adoption of AI in all sectors.

The KI Bundesverband consists of more than 220 innovative companies, SMEs, start-ups and experts, for whom the development and application of technologies based on artificial intelligence is a central business objective.

The Dutch AI Coalition is a public-private partnership in which the government, businesses, education and research institutions and civil society organizations work together to accelerate AI developments and to connect AI initiatives in the Netherlands.