European AI 

10th December 2020 - online 

The European AI Forum is an initiative of national AI associations that aims to set the agenda on how AI is approached in Europe, both in terms of policy and entrepreneurship. Following the success of the first European AI Forum held in June, the second edition aims to check in with policymakers in Brussels and Member States to examine new developments relating to AI in terms of digital and green policies and business uptake.

On the last days of the German Presidency and as a new Trio takes the Council of the EU helm, European AI Associations : AI4SI, CroAI, Hub France IA and KI-Bundesverband invite you to join us in finding the right answers on : 

  • European AI policy snapshot - Implications and challenges beyond the White Paper
  • European Green Deal - Maximizing AI use for a climate-neutral continent
  • Boosting demand for AI products in the EU

The Forum will be held under the patronage of the Representation of the European Commission in Berlin

AI4SI is a non-profit think tank and platform that aims to promote, coordinate and organize efficient knowledge transfer from AI research to implementation in companies and organizations.


CroAI's objective is to promote the importance of human-centric AI and its impact on daily life.

Hub France IA

Hub France IA mission is to promote the rapid growth of the French and European AI ecosystem to foster the emergence of new players, strengthen the competitiveness and sustainability of French companies in order to stimulate the adoption of AI in all sectors.

KI Bundesverband

The KI Bundesverband consists of more than 220 innovative companies, SMEs, start-ups and experts, for whom the development and application of technologies based on artificial intelligence is a central business objective.

Join us on 10th December 2020 online

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