European AI Forum - 1st Edition

June 2020

The COVID pandemic has revealed unprecedented challenges in Europe and the rest of the world. What possibilities does AI offer to master current challenges, enable new opportunities and business models  and further develop a European economy taking full advantage of digitization, data and AI?

On the last days of the Croatian Presidency and as a new Trio takes the Council of the EU helm, European AI Associations invite you to find the right answers on:

Challenges ahead for European AI

The European Union is bracing for a slow and gradual recovery from the COVID pandemic. To support its citizens and businesses, the EU has proposed a €2 trillion recovery fund to be built into the EU’s next long-term budget. What will the impact of the recovery be on our economy, our healthcare and our culture? Can AI play a role? The aim of this panel is to examine how to confront the aftermath of the pandemic, especially in the context of economic recovery and new technologies.

European AI regulatory framework

What is the balance between innovation and regulation? Can regulation support innovation or is it more of a hindrance? At the end of the consultation on the EU’s White Paper on Artificial Intelligence, the response is mixed. It is undeniable, however, that Europe must take its own approach to innovation and regulation than the USA or China. But how to create a common framework for artificial intelligence in a Europe of 27 national states? It is clear that Europe only has a chance on the global AI market if a common European solution is identified.

European digital infrastructure for AI

Today's issues regarding the recovery of the economy address high challenges to AI. How are European players going to take their part in these challenges ? Is the development of AI in Europe going to further draw companies and citizen in the dependency of non-European AI & data solutions ? Or are we at the turning point to develop a "European AI and Data Community" or an "AI - Airbus" ? The Gaia X project may be the solution.

Keynote speakers

Dorothee Bär

 German Minister of 

State for Digitalisation

Zoran Milanović


Republic of Croatia

Cédric O

Minister of State for Digital Transition


Maroš Šefčović


European Commission

Margrethe Vestager

Executive Vice-President

European Commission


Benjamin Benharrosh

Co-Founder & VP Sales


Christel Fiorina

AI National Strategy

Ministry for the Economy


Izabel Jelenić

Co-Founder & CTO


Cyril Kabbara

Co-Founder & COO

Shark Robotics

Yann Lechelle



Mislav Malenica

Founder & CEO


Lars Nagel



Mate Rimac

Founder & CEO

Rimac Automobili

Lucilla Sioli

AI & Digital Industry

European Commission

Anthony Whelan

Digital Adviser

European Commission


Daniel Abbou

Managing Director

KI Bundesverband

Jörg Bienert


KI Bundesverband

Antoine Couret


Hub France IA


Gaëlle Pinson

Managing Director

Hub France IA

Jan Stedul

Secretary General