European AI Forum - 2nd Edition

December 2020

Following the success of the first European AI Forum held in June, the second edition aims to check in with policymakers in Brussels and Member States to examine new developments relating to AI in terms of digital and green policies and business uptake.

On the last days of the German Presidency and as a new Trio takes the Council of the EU helm, European AI Associations invite you to join us in finding the right answers on :


Strengthening European AI to compete worldwide

To this day Europe falls short in providing a European equivalent to the big American and Chinese technology companies even though potential, expertise and knowledge are abundant. On this panel, entrepreneurs, experts from science and policymakers illuminate the current Status Quo of European AI and discuss possible future strategies, incentives and policymaking needed to push forth a competitive European AI.

Making Europe a climate neutral continent with AI

This panel discusses the potential that lies at the application of AI to the challenges of climate change and for the protection of our environment. It seeks to identify the framework needed for this objective, the possible ways of using AI in and for sustainability and evaluates what impact can be ultimately hoped for.

The State as the first client: A model to ignite Europe’s AI industry

At the moment, European AI R&D is still in a fledgling state, largely due to a lack of critical mass of demand that is needed for the AI industry to flourish. To ignite the AI ecosystem, Member States have the potential to be the ideal first client by seeking AI solutions to some of the public sector’s key challenges.

Keynote speakers & Panelists

Karina Angelieva

Deputy Minister of Education & Science


Nicola Beer


European Parliament


Tomislav Ćorić

 Minister of the Economy & Sustainable Development


Vladimir Danailov

Executive Director

Fund of Funds


Christel Fiorina

AI National Strategy

Ministry for the Economy


Luciano Floridi

Professor of Philosophy & Ethics

University of Oxford

Leonore Gewessler

Minister of Climate Action, Innovation & Technology


Kilian Gross

Head Technologies & Systems for Digitizing Industry

European Commission

Eva Kaili

Special Committee on AI in a Digital Age

European Parliament

Anja Karliczek

Minister of Education & Research


Boštjan Koritnik

Minister of Public Administration


Francesco La Camera


International Renewable Energy Agency

Mislav Malenica

Founder & CEO


Eva Maydell

Special Committee on AI in a Digital Age

European Parliament

Cédric O

Minister of State for Digital Transition


Margarete Schramböck

Minister for Digital & Economic Affairs


Rita Schwarzelühr-Sutter

Parliamentary Secretary of State for Environment, Nature Conservation & Nuclear Safety


Kristina Sinemus

Hessian State Minister for Digital Strategy and Development

Virginijus Sinkevičius

European Commissioner for Environment, Oceans and Fisheries

Maikki Sipinen

AI Policy Officer

DG Connect

European Commission

Jens Spahn

Minister of Health


Gregor Strojin

President of Ad Hoc Committee on AI

Council of Europe

Dubravka Šuica


European Commission

Lars Zimmermann

Managing Director


Matija Žulj

Founder & CEO



Jörg Bienert


KI Bundesverband

Vanessa Cann

Managing Director

KI Bundesverband

Milly Doolan

Head of Public Policy


Gaëlle Pinson

Managing Director

Hub France IA

Jan Stedul

Secretary General


Mitja Trampuz



Joint recommendations for AI regulation in the European Union

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